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Me and My Dad By Simon Macbeth, Chapter 11: 1 of 6

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Simon Macbeth doesn’t bruise easily. No matter how often or how hard my father hit me, I would go red for a while and then my skin would shake off another angry memory. There was only one time when the marks stayed with me for a couple of days before they disappeared. My two sisters were sitting in the kitchen, so Dad took me into the living room and started punching and kicking me as hard as he could. I’d turn off all my senses, except I could hear the noise you get if you stick your head under the bathwater. Everything seemed further away and I kept my eyes shut tight so I held a kaleidoscope whirl on the inside of my lids.

It wasn’t a one-sided fight, because that would suggest it was a fight at all. At the end of it I was curled up in a ball and he was still kicking me. He pulled me up, propped me against a wall, and kneed me in the stomach so hard I fell back to the floor. I noticed the following day that I had some serious bruising around my ribs. That was the worst my Dad could offer and my body took a little longer to shake off his residue that time.

I got beaten up after school once by two lads. It was only slightly more two-sided than my encounters with my father’s fists. I walked away from it okay. I didn’t have a headache the next day; in fact there was not a mark on me. At school I learnt that one of the lads had broken his wrist, fractured his arm, and broken two of his fingers through punching me in the head. My head had grown hard.

Just because I didn’t bruise didn’t mean that my Dad didn’t hit me hard and that it didn’t hurt. I still bruised where it mattered, on the inside. To me, though, I was just a kid, sat in a house thinking that this was just the way it was. It was the only childhood I’ve ever experienced. I just thought it was normal for Dads to beat up their sons when the front door was closed.

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simon macbeth reading image

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