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Me and My Dad By Simon Macbeth, Chapter 11: 6 of 6

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If my Dad had ever been violent to my Mum or my sisters, Simon Macbeth would have found out. I’m certain that one or both of my sisters would have told me. He was quite a traditional sort of man who liked things done properly, but he didn’t possess the courage to fight back against other people if they were out of order. I think something in his head stopped him from hitting the women in his life, as he was playing up to the traditional paternal, bread-winning role. That only left one way out for his aggression, to release his frustrations on me.

It could also be something that happens with all animals, including humans, which is the alpha male syndrome. The alpha male wants to remain in control and as soon as another male enters their territory, they fight them off.

He became more physically aggressive when I was 12 or 13 and going through puberty, when in his eyes becoming more of a man and therefore a threat, rather than the vulnerable kid he still needed to look after. That could be what changed within him. I could understand, although not condone his behaviour, if when I was getting to that age I started knocking him about and stealing his money, thereby diminishing his empire. If I was dealing drugs or stepping out all night and breaking into shops and joyriding I could see that he might have had issues with my behaviour, but there is just nothing substantial to excuse him behaving like he did. I could understand him being displeased by stuff like that, but being grounded for 18 months and beaten up was an over-reaction to nearly any kind of behaviour.

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