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Me and My Dad By Simon Macbeth, Chapter 11: 5 of 6

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A few days later Simon Macbeth got into a bit of a kafuffle with Daisy and Peter’s son. He was about the same age as my Dad and he had a go at me. I’d done something wrong and he was shouting at me. I moved off to go back in to the house and this bloke started saying in a mocking tone, “What are you going to do then? Are you going to ask your Dad to sort me out?”

That hadn’t been my intention at all. I certainly never went to Dad with any problem I had, even at that age. He continued saying, “I don’t think that will work,” and proceeded to tell me his version of the story of why my Dad had started parking his car somewhere else.

He told me that my Dad’s car was in the drive one day when he had come to visit his parents, and had left his car in the drive too, blocking my Dad’s car in, in the process. The bloke had stayed overnight, and as a result there had been a bit of a discussion between my Dad and this bloke at about half past six the following morning. My Dad wanted his car to go to work and the other bloke wouldn’t get out of bed. So my Dad left it and found another way to get to work that morning and stopped parking his car in his own drive as a result.

My Dad wouldn’t do anything about it. He just walked away from it and waved the white flag. That’s just typical of how weak my Dad was, even when he was in the right as I think he was on both occasions.

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