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Me and My Dad By Simon Macbeth, Chapter 11: 4 of 6

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Am I like my Dad? It’s a difficult question for Simon Macbeth to answer. I’m impatient and he was intolerant. He expected perfection from me and when he didn’t get it, he reacted ridiculously strongly as a consequence. You inherit things from your parents, whether you like it or not.

My dad bought a brand new car a few years ago. He managed to get a deal, which meant he could have the car for three years and then when he traded the car in he could get another brand new car as a replacement, without having to pay anything more. He took the deal, kept the car for three years, and then went back to this garage to trade it in and they told him that he couldn’t. He just walked away and did nothing about it and he still has that original car now.

My Dad’s a coward. He won’t stand up for himself. His relationship and how he was with me was different. He was the way he was with me because he was a coward, like all bullies usually are. They take their aggression out on someone smaller and weaker who can’t stick up for themselves. I was the only person my Dad could feel any sense of power over.

My Mum and Dad live in a fifties red brick house. It’s the end one of a block of four and next door there was another block of two. My parents shared a communal drive, on which my Dad used to park his car. Daisy and Peter, an elderly couple who lived next door, didn’t have a car so my Dad was pretty much free to leave his car wherever he wished. This had been the situation since my Mum and Dad had moved in and certainly since I could remember. Then all of a sudden, my Dad stopped parking his car where he always had in front of the house. I was 10 years old at the time and asked Dad for the reason. He told me that he just fancied a change. I didn’t understand that answer at all.

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