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Me and My Dad By Simon Macbeth, Chapter 11: 3 of 6

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It’s hard for Simon Macbeth to be too analytical about my childhood, as it’s the only time I was ever young and the only childhood I have known. I can only compare my family when I was young to things I’ve seen on television, read in books, and my experiences with ChildLine.

My little sister was (and strangely still is) eight years younger than me. She was a baby or a toddler when I was growing up. My elder sister didn’t get on with my Mum and I didn’t get on with my Dad. My relationship with my Dad was, to me, a lot worse. Having spoken to my older sister, Helen, in the last couple of years, she’s told me that she doesn’t love our Mum and that she doesn’t like her because of the way she was treated. I don’t know much about that. It was something between them both and that’s my sister’s story to tell.

Once I wanted to go out to a friend’s house. It wasn’t a particularly special occasion, but it was a big deal to me. My Dad said I couldn’t go, but a bit later on he told me that if I behaved I’d be able to go in half an hour. So I behaved for that half an hour and he still wouldn’t let me go. He used to do stuff like that to me all the time.

He grounded me for months on end. I was not allowed out of the house without being chaperoned by my parents, other than to go to school. The first time he unreasonably grounded me was for the entire summer holidays when I was 13 years old. I didn’t take drugs, I didn’t burgle people’s houses, I didn’t joyride. I didn’t do anything that a problem kid of the same ages might have done. It could often be something as silly as he thought I’d looked at him the wrong way, spoken to him in an offhand manner, or I might not have eaten all of my tea.

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