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Me and My Dad By Simon Macbeth, Chapter 11: 2 of 6

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There were many times when Simon Macbeth would sit on my bed in tears, wondering why he did what he did to me. I was scared of him, he was a bully and he hurt me, but I preferred his fists to the other punishment he gave me.

One of the things I’ve talked about a lot in therapy is my relationship with my Dad and the fact that I was abandoned by him. When I’ve written about my Dad, I’ve said some positive things about him and that has been hard for me to do. He was not a completely neglectful father, but to beat up your own son is not traditionally seen as compassionate behaviour. During my school life my Dad never seemed that interested in what I had done, achieved, or congratulated me on anything. It was very arms-length parenting. I don’t really remember either of my parents asking me how I was getting on. My Mum did take an interest in my schooling. When things got really hard, my Mum was there to comfort me. My Dad never was.

As a parent, you are supposed to want your child to get the best out of whatever opportunities they’ve got. My parents both attended Christmas Nativity plays, parents’ evenings, and stuff like that. The time I won the sports day obstacle race at infants school, both of my parents were there. I got a gold medal, but I don’t remember any substantial interaction between us.

Not all people find it easy to show emotions. Just because people find that difficult doesn’t make them a bad person, but when you are a kid you need to feel comfortable, loved, and cherished. If you do something right, you want to be patted on the back in the same way as if you do something wrong you expect to get bollocked for it. In that respect, it’s no different from being a manager at work when you praise hard working staff and say, “That’s great,” and if they fuck up you tell them so. My Dad repeatedly sacked me with no explanation.

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